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Episode 7: “TUB” and “Caterwaul”

These two science fiction / fantasy shorts transport you to a world not so different from our own. Between tub babies and old lobster ladies, we peel back the hidden layers found in these two great shorts.

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Episode 4: “Sriracha”

“Sriracha,” by Griffin Hammond, offers a peek into the world of the famous sauce, its creator, and its fandom. We look at modes of documentary, crowd-funding, editing, and more.

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Episode 29: “Traced”

Throughout Rob Horwitz’ “Traced”, suspense builds, and an either overly complex or underdeveloped plot unfolds on screen. Is the pay off worth it?

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Episode 27: “The Witmans”

This documentary film doesn’t argue guilt and innocence, but shows how an unimaginable event can turn people into husks of their former selves.

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Episode 25: “@Social #Connection”

Know someone that spends more time communicating via social media, text, and instant messaging than face-to-face interactions or even phone calls? If you said yes, this episode is for you, and we’re here to help.