Author: Joe Collins

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Episode 36: Cardinal Rules

We turn to Reddit this week to get thoughts on the cardinal rules of short filmmaking. We also look at a short by Derek Dubois called Sinners.

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Episode 35: C Stands

We start this episode talking about what’s on our gear wishlist. This week’s short film characterizes the medium, and would be standard fare at festivals. Our initially cynical expectations were crushed by a punch line that made us appreciate the attention to detail and finesse that went into this short, and forced us to watch it again.

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Episode 29: “Traced”

Throughout Rob Horwitz’ “Traced”, suspense builds, and an either overly complex or underdeveloped plot unfolds on screen. Is the pay off worth it?

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Episode 27: “The Witmans”

This documentary film doesn’t argue guilt and innocence, but shows how an unimaginable event can turn people into husks of their former selves.