Author: Joe Collins

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Episode 16: “Me + Her”

Is anything more beautiful than cardboard puppet love? We find out when we discuss Joseph Oxford’s lovely, handcrafted short film ‘Me + Her’

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Episode 14: “No Internet Week”

This week we look at a short documentary from marketing company Mother where 5 digital natives are pulled offline for an entire week. How would you survive?

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Episode 12: “Abduction”

This week we put ourselves under the same scrutiny as we do others, looking at a film we created a few years ago. Does it stand up to our present standards?

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Episode 11: “Beneath”

Short films are often used as stepping stones for filmmakers. Post-apocalyptic short Beneath, by Al White, attempts to build a world it can’t hold up.

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Episode 9: “Blinky™”

We start out this week talking about House of Cards and the merits of body-snatching (the movie kind), and then move on to our short film this week: Blinky™.

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Episode 7: “TUB” and “Caterwaul”

These two science fiction / fantasy shorts transport you to a world not so different from our own. Between tub babies and old lobster ladies, we peel back the hidden layers found in these two great shorts.