Episode 11: “Beneath”


Joe Collins

Joe is an amateur filmmaker, and founder of Monkey in Pajamas Media. You can find him on twitter @joseph_collins

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  • Gideon Dwar Blackman

    Hello Guys.

    Thank you very much for taking the time to watch and review Infinity, really appreciated.

    Just to answer some of the questions. For now would prefer the short to not be available as of yet via a link as it looks like it will more likely be being screened at a few film events, although once it isn’t screening anywhere I would let you know asap.

    As far as the hologram effect goes… As this has been a common question, I will confirm that I did have the option to have the Miss Infinity character to be holographic. However as later on in the short when Mr Infinity has removed the posters with his assistant, I felt it would take away the legitimacy of the corporation Infinity’s plan as if Miss Infinity had a holographic effect then all of the poster characters when interacting with the real world would need a holographic effect and for no one to suspect that something could be up (I.e The Miss Infinity poster holograms were being left alone to the general public) would have made the general public look stupid and The Infinity plan seem to rely on people being stupid rather than being clever. Also, having Miss Infinity having an effect and not Mr Infinity when interacting with the general public would have in my opinion anyway risked the film losing its sense of verisimilitude and although plastering effects in the short term might have been acceptable for modern trends I felt in the long term it would lose the honesty of the short in question.

    Anyway, this is just my opinion of course and people are free to think and do otherwise!!

    But once again, a big thank you!!